Packing List for River Trips

Packing for a magical river trip through the Grand Canyon in July

When one is so fortunate to be included in a Grand Canyon trip be sure to bring as little as possible for yourself and as much as possible for the tribe success. Less IS more.

For yourself, bring your proper government ID and know where it is!

  • A great first aide kit: NSAIDS, aloe, acetaminophen, pain relievers, E-mergenC, salts/sugars, pickle juice

  • Tarp, a cotton sleep sack, silk sleep sack, one medium and one small dry bag, cot, paco pad

  • Toiletries including Super Salve (good balm for hands/feet/skin), sunscreen, lighters

  • LS cotton shirt/batik, cowboy hat, buff/bandana, camel back, personal water filter, journal + pen

  • River map, notebook and pens, laser, 3 headlamps + batteries, party contributions, costumes

  • Personal waterproof can for day access, water bottles, personal coffee cup/bowl

  • Money for shuttle food and support crew tips, trucker hat, sunglasses with chums

  • Gear handling gloves, good footwear, one pair shorts, one collared dinner shirt

  • Pin kit/three locking carabiners/webbing loop/pressuiks, throw rope

  • Bring two, fully charged Universal External battery in ziplock bags in your ammo can

  • Save money and time by carpooling to Flagstaff, parking with friends there

Save some time at the put in and stay at the Marble Canyon lodge the night before your launch

Save headache by printing, learning and knowing the rules and regulations for this very special place.

As of June 2021, a non-commercial river trip has 16 days to travel between Lee's Ferry and Diamond Creek.

Think ahead and succeed! Use your time in the canyon wisely and plan ahead for success!